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Dark Matter Surf Bags

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At Dark Matter, we love fishing from the beach! It's such a fun and challenging way to catch fish. With that in mind, we wanted to design a rugged surf bag that would offer the features we love in custom surf bags but at a price that most anglers could afford. Inspired by bags of the past as well as anglers from all over the country, we decided to build our bags using dacron sailcloth, which is incredibly durable. It is double stitched in all the areas where wear could happen. We added a lot of stainless steel grommets on the bottom for excellent drainage. On one side is a pork rind holster that is the perfect spot for your trailers and on the other a water bottle holder. Inside there are plastic tubes with drainage for your plugs. As an added bonus we include a lure divider for each tube to make things neater and to maximize your storage. Dark Matter Surf Bags have spots for your bucktails and tins as well as room for a leader wallet. We wanted the bags to be compact but internally have enough room so that things weren't tight. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to fumble around inside your bag at night while on the beach and not being able to reach what you want to grab. At the top we included flaps so if you get hit by a wave all the contents of your surf bag don't fall out. If waves are not a problem then you can tuck them in behind the tubes.  

Dark Matter Surf Bags have a long flap covered in Velcro so you don't have to worry about your bag opening by accident. On the back are durable double stitched loops that will accommodate a 2" belt loop. There are also two stainless steel d-rings. The strap on this bag will look familiar but it is longer than on other bags. If you are tall or wide, it will fit more comfortably than any other surf bag on the market. Dark Matter Surf Bags are packed with all the features you would want but the best part might just be the price. Finally, there is an option for serious anglers who love to fish on the beach but don't what to fork over a car payment for a surf bag.

Dark Matter Surf Bags are available in 2-Tube and 3-Tube versions. They are black. Whether you surf fish on Long Island, the Cape Cod Canal, Florida or California, this is the surf bag you should carry!

Models: SB2-BK, SB3-BK


Type - Surf Bag

Size - 2-Tube

Color - Black

Country of Origin:

Made in China


Dacron Sailcloth construction

Stainless steel grommets

Stainless steel D-rings


Shoulder Strap:

Extra long adjustable shoulder strap


1-year limited warranty