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Warranty Policy

Manufacturer Defect Warranty

All Dark Matter products come with a one-year warranty covering the product from any manufacturer defects. If a Dark Matter product shows a manufacturer defect in the first year after purchase we will replace the item free of charge. This warranty does not cover accidents, misuse or any other damage that might have occured that wasn't the direct result of a manufacturer defect.

Dark Matter Rods Replacement Warranty

While all Dark Matter Rods are covered by our Manufacturer Defect Warranty, it is extremely rare that a rod breaks due to a manufacturer defect. Fishing is a sport and sometimes accidents happen. They can happen on day one of ownership, on day 365 or anywhere in-between. That is why we have a Rod Replacement Warranty. If you have an accident with a Dark Matter Rod we will replace it one time only for a flat fee. You must have a valid receipt and provide images of the broken rod and serial number. Depending on the condition of the rod we may ask you to destroy the rod and provide proof. All fees are listed below. 

  • Dark Matter Inshore Rods - $75
  • Dark Matter IO, HK and Mojo Rods - $75
  • Dark Matter Psychedelic Rods - $100
  • Dark Matter 2-Piece Surf Rods - $100
  • Dark Matter 1-Piece Surf Rods - $150
  • Dark Matter Fish Hawk Rods - $75
  • Dark Matter Tuna Popping Rods - $100

To file a warranty claim, please send all of the proper information to the email below. Please note that it can take a few days to process the information and get back to you. If you do have any questions about our warranty policy you can also send us an email.