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Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper

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Catch big and have a fun time doing it with the Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper. Designed with the highest standards, we took a popular lure shape and merged it with Fishaholic’s input. The result was an incredible lure that is extremely effective.

The Pulsar Popper bait is made of hard plastic with an internal hexagonal structure for added strength. Unlike other poppers, these lures are built using through-wire construction, which allows them to endure tougher fish for longer periods. The internal rattles not only produce sound waves and commotion, but they also serve as a casting mechanism to help you cast farther with each throw. With enormous 3D eyes and excellent paint jobs, these baits guarantee bites almost instantly. 

If you are inshore fishing from Maine to Flrorida, these lures will get the job done. They've been outfitted with super-sharp 4X strong VMC treble hooks on stainless steel split rings and a rear hook dressed in feathers for extra effectiveness. 

Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper fishing baits can be used by both beginners just starting to fish and experienced anglers who want an easy-to-use lure that is proven to produce results. Don’t just take our word for it – trust Fishaholic's! 

Here's what Rich "Fishaholic" Janitschek had to say about these lures: "What is your favorite way to catch predatory fish species...?” If you ask that question to most anglers around the world many will reply hands down the most exhilarating way is with a topwater plug. The Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Popper was designed with that in mind to draw up unbelievable explosions from predatory fish species. With every pop and jig this plug will push water and create bubbles imitating an injured baitfish on the surface of the water. Available in two sizes and five great colors, this plug will match the hatch and profile of most baitfish in our oceans, bays, harbors, lakes, rivers, or ponds. Fish of all sizes will be attracted to eat the Pulsar Popper from Striped Bass, Bluefish, Tuna, Tarpon, or Snook in saltwater to Pike, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in freshwater. The list of species can go on and on! In addition, rest assured with the super strong through wire construction and razor sharp VMC hooks you can have the confidence to land your trophy when you get an explosive topwater bite!"

Dark Matter Fishaholic Pulsar Poppers come in 3 3/4" 3/4 oz and 5" 1 1/2 oz models. Select from five amazing colorways - bone, blue/silver, chicken rainbow bunker, scratch, and wonderbread. All pulsar poppers can be purchased online or from our partner dealers.

Models: FPP334, FPP5


Color - Bone

Length - 3 3/4"

Weight (oz) - 3/4

Type - Popper

Depth - Floating

Country of Origin:

Made in China


Hard plastic body

Hexagonal internal structure for strength

Thru-wire construction

Internal rattles

Large 3D eyes

Approved for use in saltwater


Sharp VMC 4X Treble Hooks

Split Rings:

Stainless Steel Split Rings