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Dark Matter Fishaholic Finback Shad

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Dark Matter Fishaholic Finback Shad are going to become your favorite soft plastic bait! These shads were designed by Rich "Fishaholic" Janitschek who is one of the top anglers in the country. Rich grew up fishing a wide variety of shads and this design combines many of the features that gave him the best results. He added a few new things as well. They feature a slim profile with a unique fin on the back that will help prevent an accumulation of weeds that can end up on the hook. The Finback Shad has a tight side to side erratic wobble that's important when fishing a bait that has to send off vibration and have a flashy action to it. The paddletail is a diverse design that can be fished in multiple scenarios. It works great during the day and at night and will attract hungry fish. It easily mimics peanut bunker, herring, smelt and other medium size baitfish that a wide variety of species prey on.

Here's what Fishaholic has to say about his shads: "Dark Matter Fishaholic Finback Shad were crafted to catch your targeted predatory saltwater and freshwater species. These shads have been tested up and down the East Coast catching striped bass, snook, tarpon, redfish, bluefish, weakfish, sea trout, musky, pike, walleye largemouth and small mouth bass and more!" 

Dark Matter Fishaholic Finback Shad are available in four colors in 5". Choose from Chartreuse/Silver Flake, Olive Over White/Silver Flake, White/Silver Flake and Wonderbread. They come four to a pack. The Dark Matter Fishaholic Holiday Bundle includes a 30 oz Yeti cup and four packs of Finback Shads. One pack of each color.

Models: FBS5


Color - Gray Over Silver/Silver Flake

Size (in.) - 4"

Pieces - 5

Hook - None

Country of Origin:

Made in China


Durable soft plastic body

Baitfish profile

Paddletail design

Approved for use in saltwater



Use with jig head


Reusable zip seal storage bag packaged swim baits

Baits available in 5" length