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Dark Matter OB Surf Spinning Rods

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The most unconventional surf spinning rod ever to hit the market, the Dark Matter OB Surf Spinning Rod surely breaks the mold on traditional saltwater fishing. Its lightweight construction enables anglers to cast and reel for hours without breaking a sweat. We ditched the traditional long rear grip in favor of a low-profile reel seat and butt end. Trust us when we say your shoulders will thank you after a grueling 4-hour session in the water. The Dark Matter OB Surf Spinning Rod is the ideal weapon for casting light swimming plugs and throwing bucktails and tiny tins with precision. However, the true star of the show is in its back bay plugging capabilities. With a 3k or 4k-sized reel, you'll be casting plugs beyond the horizon with little effort! These top-of-the-line surf spinning rods are truly revolutionizing saltwater fishing. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just getting started in the game, these rods will make a welcome addition to your fishing arsenal.

Dark Matter OB Surf Spinning Rods come in 10-inch designs with a 50/50 split. When assembling the rod pieces, you may notice a visible gap, which is entirely normal. Just twist the pieces together with the right amount of pressure. The OB is more delicate and cannot withstand as much abuse as a regular surf rod. Keep it well-maintained, and it will last for seasons to come! Order yours from Dark Matter or at trusted partner suppliers worldwide.


Models: DMOB100SP