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Fishing reels are incredibly important if you are looking to catch fish! Makes sense. At Dark Matter, we offer a selection of Dark Matter brand reels! We have recently added new Dark Matter reels as we are constantly expanding our offerings. If you are looking to buy a fishing reel, there is no better place than Dark Matter. You will not find another web site with more information about fishing reels! This includes hundred of fishing reel videos and all the specs you need to choose the right fishing reel for you! On every fishing reel page there is a section where you can compare up to four different models side by side so you can key in on the reel that best suits your needs.

At Dark Matter we sell fishing reels at the best price. We have a price match feature and if you find a better price somewhere else, please contact us and we will match it. Speaking of fishing reel prices, we have a wide range of price points. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. If you are looking for a higher quality reel with more features, we have a lot of them. There are several options in every budget! If price is not a factor and you'd like to fish with the best fishing reel money can buy, we've go them all!

If you are having trouble finding the right fishing reel for you, please contact us. We love talking with our customers and will help you choose the best fishing reel for you. We believe that Dark Matter the best place for you to buy fishing reels online or in the shop. We go out of our way to have a large inventory of all the latest fishing reels at the best prices! Please reach out to us if we can make your fishing reel buying experience better.